A friend asked me to knit a woolly hat and scarf for their 2-year-old daughter. The only instruction was to knit something red. I came up with a caley pattern for both the hat and scarf so that they wouldn't be too hot in the summer. Here's my lovely 3-year-old posing as a model. The yarn isn't really this orange but more of a cool red shade.


Yarn: Novita 7 veljestä + some scraps for the flower

needles: # 4 and 5 for the hat, # 6 for the scarf, hook # 4 for the flower

instructions: my own versions of an adult beanie in spring 2009 Novita magazine and my own version of a wide mohair scarf in winter 2009 Novita mag. I crocheted the daisy off the top of my head and attached it with a safety pin. Maybe I should knit a similar hat to my daughter as well... no, wait, I have already, out of mohair yarn. :D